Top 7 Social Media Mistakes you are making

Social Media Marketing is a critical aspect of today’s marketplace. If you don’t have a face on Social Media, are you really being seen by all of your buyers? Probably not. Although, if you are using your social media accounts correctly or making mistakes you might as well not be posting. Here are the top 7 mistakes commonly made by my clients when working with social media.

Not creating a strategy.

Going into social media marketing without a strategy is like going into war without a gun. You need to be prepared and know what you are dealing with. A good social strategy will help you know what you are wanting to gain from your social media presence, whether it be brand knowledge or more sales.

Not dealing with negative comments effectively

Negative comments happen to everyone, and it’s not the end of the world (although it may feel like it). Handling those negative comments in a professional manner will help your branding. It shows that you can be professional even if you are being hammered on and will bring more positive posts to your brand.

Spamming Content

I see this mistake a lot. No one wants to see 30 posts in one day about the same thing you are trying to sell or make known. A good rule of thumb is for you to think about yourself interacting with a brand you like. How often would you want to see the information that you are going to be sharing? That is around how often you should be sharing your content.

Not using analytics

Analytics is a key part to any marketing strategy, even social media marketing. You need to know how your audience reacts to what you are posting so you can fine tune what works for your brand. Your audience may like it when you post images more than if you post a strict text post. Not every audience is going to be the same and it will take some time for you to figure out what works in your social strategy.

Using foul language

No one wants to see their favorite brand dropping an f-bomb in an attack on someone. You may be able to get away with it in an expression if your brand is geared more toward millennials. I personally would steer clear of using any sort of foul language on your social media accounts as you may lose some respect from some of your audience.

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Using too many social accounts (or not the correct ones)

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to engage with all your followers on all your accounts, then you may be using too many social accounts. When I start making a strategy for a company, I look at who their audience is. Where are they going to spend most of their time when they are on social media? A 30-year-old mom of 3 children is going to spend her time in a different place than a 60-year-old grandfather. You need to spend your time in the areas that your audience is going to be and forego the other accounts.

Not engaging your followers

If you post a question to your favorite brand on social media, do you expect them to reply? Yes, you do. If you aren’t engaging your followers when then engage with you, you will likely lose followers. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to @reply every single time someone comments on your post, but you should be engaging in comments or questions that warrant engagement from you. Again, just think about you engaging a brand, would you expect a reply or no? Use your answer and you will have whether you should reply or not.

These are just the top 7 mistakes that I have seen people making. There are plenty of other mistakes being made, by professionals and novices alike. We are all human and as humans we make mistakes but if you feel like you can’t handle your social media accounts correctly and are overwhelmed you can always turn to a professional for help. We tend to know the ins and outs of social media marketing and can give you a better understanding of what you need to be doing. Whether you are going at it alone or hiring a professional if you keep away from these top 7 mistakes you will be on track for having a superb social media presence.

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