Case Study

Responsive Website

I found Realty Resource Team while working on UpWork. Chris, the CEO and founder, posted a job needing a website redesigned. His exact words were jazz it up. Realty Resource Team is a real estate consulting firm. They handle agent recruiting, training, lead generation and conversion, and inside sales agent training. I took an initial look at his website and told Chris my thoughts about it. His content was a little shy of where it needed to be for SEO optimization, his design wasn’t very strong, and the performance of his website was lacking. We agreed a complete web redevelopment was needed and he hired me the next day.

The Process

After an initial review of Chris’s website, I sent over what I thought we should work on. Chris needed a design update, mobile optimization, search engine optimization, and a performance upgrade. To do this, we redesigned the entire website and installed Yoast SEO and W3 Total Cache.

The Design

Chris wanted a website that was jazzy and responsive. He wasn’t sure what type of design he actually wanted and didn’t provide any examples so I just ran with it. The colors in his logo were green and purple and I knew off the start that we needed to incorporate one if not both of the colors. I ended up using just the purple as it looked better than using both or even just the green. The design also needed to be fairly simple and easy to navigate for his users so kept that in mind as I designed the buttons and text.


Jazzy Design

Responsive Design

User Friendly

The Optimization Work

Search Engine Optimization was definitely a top priority for Chris. We both agreed that custom meta descriptions and having the correct keywords in each page was crucial. The pages that Chris had originally didn’t have a lot of content and were not optimized for search engines. We installed Yoast SEO and added custom meta descriptions for the pages. While updating the pages, we also used the Yoast SEO keyword tool to check how well the page related to the keyword assigned to it. I also knew that having a website optimized for performance was crucial as well so I ended up installing W3 Total Cache. This plugin allowed us to enable browser caching and gzip compression on his website. The end result was an amazing performing website that loads in under 2 seconds!

Yoast SEO


W3 Total Cache

The Result

In the end, we had created a website that had a responsive, jazzy design that Chris and I both loved. His clients are enjoying being able to find his content easier and he is busy working instead of working on a website. I think that is a plus on all fronts. Contact me to get started on your web development project and see what I can do for you!