Case Study

Responsive Website

I found Jennifer while working on UpWork. She posted a job needing a website redesigned to brand herself and create a website to show off her many talents. She does speaking services, coaching, and even sells Javita coffee. She had an idea of what she wanted and just needed a hand creating it. She also knew that she needed SEO optimization done to the site, and asked for this to be done as well. That is where I came in. I helped her visualize her design, develop it, and implement it on her hosting server, along with developing and editing content, and SEO work.

The Process

After an initial consultation with Jennifer on the phone, I drafted a proposal. In it, I outlined what improvements needed to be made to her site and how we would go about doing it. This included changes to the layouts on her pages, adding additional pages, adding links to her social media accounts, adding keyword rich content, updating meta data, and more. We started working together right away and created a finished product in around 9 days.

The Design

Jennifer wanted a website that was modern and sleek; something with colors as an accent and mostly white. I knew, through my experience with UX, that we needed to organize the content and create a landing page for her home page that accented all the information we wanted to show. I also knew that mobile optimization was going to be crucial so I took that into consideration as well.


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

The Optimization Work

Jennifer and I both agreed that SEO Optimization was important. We created and edited content together that would improve her website. I researched her and what she does and developed a list of keywords that we would need to use. I showed her the list of keywords I had found and she agreed and added a few more. I installed the Yoast SEO plugin on her website, so we could review the optimization work we were doing in real time and make sure we were having an impact. We also aimed to have around 750 words per page to help boost her scores.

Yoast SEO


Keyword Research

The Result

In the end, we had created a website that had a responsive, modern, minimalist design that Jennifer and I both loved. Her clients are enjoying being able to find her content easier and she is busy working instead of working on a website. I think that is a plus on all fronts.