About Me

From humble beginnings…

From an EMT to a marketing professional is a big jump, but that is where I started. Marketing was never once something that jumped out and said “Pick Me”. In fact, I never really liked people so I never in a million years though I would do something daily that relies on humans to make it work, but that’s what ended up making me the happiest and so I pursued it.

My love for marketing started while working at Barnes Realty. I started as a lowly web developer. I was in charge of updating their website. This included making new webpages, redesigning their website, getting rid of virus infested pages, etc. A couple of years into working for them, the Advertising Manager was let go and I was asked to take over all of the advertising efforts. This included everything from newspaper advertisements to newsletters, as well as my original position as a web developer. A year after that, Barnes Realty decided a face lift was needed on the website. Since I was so busy, they hired a designer to update the site. This designer thought a WordPress website was the way to go for the business, which I agreed. Then, the designer and I took off and created a site for Barnes Realty using WordPress as the platform. I saw first hand what it takes to build one and caught on quickly. I have been working with them since. 

My Services


UX Research

I take the time to get to know your business and your clients or customers. Then, I research your customers or clients and figure out what type of designs appeal to them.


Having a pretty website will not help you if your not being seen by search engines. I implement the lastest best practices on your website to help it perform better on search engine results.

Web Development

Do HTML, CSS, and Java have you confused? Have no fear! I am here to help with that as well. Whether you need to add functionality to your existing website or want to build a new website from scratch with loads of functions, I can help.

Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy can be hard for anyone. Trying to figure out where to advertise your business can be tricky, I know. That’s why there are experts like me to help.

Web Design

Do things like color palate, layout, typography, and animation effects have you panicked? Don’t worry. I live all things design and can help you pick out the perfect design elements for your website.


Is your website lacking when you test it on GTmetrix? Is it slow to load and not retaining your customers? I know all of the best practices that are involved in web performance and can put them to work for you.

My Work

Here are some examples of my work.

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