Case Study

Responsive Website

ABI Services Inc is known for its inspired multimedia events, global meeting planning, and inventive incentive travel, but something was missing. They didn’t have a website, so Marjorie went on the hunt for a web developer/designer to bring her web design ideas to life. She wanted a website that was artsy, elegant, simple and fit her business and personality. That is when Marjorie found me. “Something stood out in your introduction email,” she said. She wasn’t sure what it was, but it did and a fantastic working relationship, and website, was formed.

The Context

Marjorie came to me looking to have a website built. She needed it built within a month, which gave flexibility in both our schedules to make sure everything was correct and finished. She knew she needed a website built and had started the process with a few other developers in the past, but it never worked for her. She came into the process a little hesitant about hiring another designer/developer for her project because she had a particular design in mind but didn’t have the technical skills or knowledge to explain what she wanted. The only way she knew how to describe what she wanted was artsy, elegant, and simple. She sent me a page description of her company, ABI Services, and of her that she had written up previously, and asked me what I thought. What I gathered from her write up was that she had a warm & dynamic personality, is an adventurer and explorer, and that she is very inspirational and takes pride in her humanity. I knew that I wanted to tie most if not all of these aspects of her into her website. The goal we had was to create a website that met her requirements of artsy, elegant, and simple as well as to pull her personality into the website.

The Process

Getting started, I created the main landing page and her home page to make sure I was on the right design page. Because we didn’t have a for sure end date, I started designing and developing the website in WordPress. In the past, I have found it is easier for my clients to see how the site is going to look if you built it in a live format. Wireframes can end up leaving a client confused as to what it will look like. I used the Divi builder to create a landing page with an image background that was light and artistic. I knew I wanted a font that was handwritten or similar and I chose Allura for the headers and Amatic SC for the subheaders. The font I was still unsure about and probably wouldn’t know until I started building it. When creating the landing page, I knew I wanted a large image background with text on top of it.  I knew we needed to say something about her business or business name and what they did, even if it was just adjectives. Finally, I came up with an idea I thought she would love, and she did. It had a big background image with her business name, three adjectives, and a little bit of text describing a video that was made by one of her clients and why we added it to the page. We had to link this page to the main body of the website, so I added a button to the bottom that says, “Find Your Inspiration.” This button brings you to the main website, where we went with a very similar theme. Throughout the entire site, you will see hints of the three adjectives we chose, which were inspiration, innovation, and imagination. After I built the first landing page and the home page I had Marjorie review the site to make sure we were on the same page design-wise. She loved it. So, we continued and built the rest of the website using the same ideas and layout. She created all the content and provided the images; I created the site and laid the ideas out on the webpage to look aesthetically pleasing. What we came up with is an artsy, inspired design that fits her personality and makes her business stand out while portraying what makes her different.


Artsy Design

Responsive Design

The Result

The results of our design are still pending as we just launched this website, but we both agree that having an online presence for ABI Services is better than not having one at all. I expect she will begin to see an increase in sales and knowledge of her and her brand. Marjorie is now not afraid to tackle projects with the help of a developer/designer because she has me in her back pocket (she is already talking about designing a logo). Please don’t take my word for it though, take Marjorie’s.

“I am so glad I found you. You inspired me to finally get this done after seven years! Thank you.”


Chief Luminary