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WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems online today. I know many many web consultants who use it for their client’s websites. WordPress is super easy to use, free, mobile-friendly and has lots of support. These are just a few of the many reasons why you should switch your website over. If you are looking for a beginner’s guide to this amazing CMS system, check out this post. If not, let’s jump into 10 of the most important reasons you should switch today.

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WordPress is a free, powerful platform that is easy to use.

WordPress is an open source CMS platform. This means that it is free for anyone to use and edit to their needs. While you can edit it, you shouldn’t really need to. It comes with lots of features that aren’t included in other platforms. Things like comments, RSS feeds, revisions, and more are included in it and won’t have to be hunted down and installed for you to use them. Once installed, you will have a fully functioning website already that is ready to roll, other than your content.


WordPress is search engine friendly.

Many of the most powerful search engines prefer to crawl WordPress websites. This is because its framework is easier to crawl. Google’s own Matt Cutts actually endorsed them during WordCamp San Francisco in 2009 and hosts his personal blog on WordPress. Not only are they easier to crawl, but there are plugins that allow you to add custom meta tags and descriptions and will help make sure your page stays focused on your main keyword for the page.


Safe and secure.

Since WordPress is one of the most used platforms, it’s no surprise that hackers attack it. They take the security of its users very important. They are constantly updating their software to try to prevent attacks. On top of that, you can take extra measures by automatically updating, not downloading themes or plugins from untrusted sources or other basic security measures.


WordPress is customizable.

There are thousands of themes and plugins that allow you to be able to customize your website to fit your business. Whether you want your homepage to look just a little different from the rest or you need a booking system on your site, there is a plugin or theme that will be able to help you.

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WordPress is mobile friendly.

Mobile friendliness is crucial for websites now. (Don’t believe us? Ask Hostgator.)Your website has to look decent on all sorts of devices. Google actually tests websites responsiveness and will dock points if you aren’t responsive. WordPress has many themes that have responsiveness built in, which means they will look great on any device you look at it from.

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Lots of support.

Like I said earlier, WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms out there. That being said, there are numerous developers and designers that know its ins and outs. This gives them an edge to provide help to clients should they need it (p.s. we also provide this service, check out our work!). Also, there is a community that you can go to for help, that is if you don’t want to hire someone. 

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There are numerous eCommerce solutions.

If you need an ecommerce store, WordPress has multiple options for ecommerce websites. One of the most commonly used solutions is WooCommerce. Since there are many different solutions for ecommerce, you can pick the one you like the best and use it.

You won't be stuck with the same hosting provider.

Switching from one hosting provider to another is normally something you don’t do. It can be a pain making sure you get all your content moved. WordPress works with pretty much every hosting provider and won’t restrict you to a single host forever. So if you end up with higher traffic that you anticipated or are just experiencing too much downtime, your website can come with you.

It is multi-user capable.

WordPress comes out of the box with multi-user capabilities. You have 5 different levels of user, each having different abilities. For example, a contributor can write and manage their blog posts but can’t publish them. If you need multi-user capabilities, you may have found the solution for you.

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It is only getting better.

WordPress only hires top-notch developers. You can bet that this means that it is only going to get better with time. On top of that, it is open-source so any developer can change the code and build custom sites to fit your needs.

WordPress is one of the best platforms that you can use for your website. Whether you need an eCommerce website or just a simple one-page website about your business, it has a solution you can use. If this post has you wanting to switch to WordPress, but you don’t know where to start, contact me today. I can help consult you on where to start and even help you build your site so you can get back doing the things you love.

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